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How do hemorrhoids go away


Hemorrhoids are the swollen or inflamed clusters of veins that lie beneath the mucous members lining the lowest part of the anus and rectum. Hemorrhoids or piles develop when too much pressure built on those veins; in result veins become intended and swollen. Hemorrhoids may be internal or external, but the discomfort level of both the type of hemorrhoids is different too. Such type hemorrhoids are very painful, so for your comfort, it’s necessary to deal with such type of sufferings.

To tackle the main problem that is how do hemorrhoids go away? There are many ways to treat that problem through a medical procedure, surgical procedure or home treatment. Internal hemorrhoids develop in the lower rectum and are less painless and last for a month to improve while external hemorrhoids occur under the skin around the anus and are more painful and irritated and last for a week.

do hemorrhoids go away

Do hemorrhoids go away: Medical Procedures?

If the hemorrhoids are not cured with the traditional method then definitely should move towards the medical procedure. So some methods are given below; Medication

Different types of ointments and OTC creams help to reduce the pain, but that is not for the severe hemorrhoids. For severe hemorrhoids use OTC creams including the ingredients like witch hazel and hydrocortisone etc.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Occasionally, a blood clot forms inside the external hemorrhoids, for dealing such problems, a simple notch is usually needed to remove it.


This procedure includes an injection that is inserted into the hemorrhoid tissue. That injection contains such type of chemical solution that helps to shrink the tissue.

Home Procedure

There are the following methods to deal with the hemorrhoids;

Use more fiber diet

Fiber diet including beans, broccoli, oat, wheat, grain foods, fresh juices, fruits and much more. Such type of food will help to decrease the bleeding and the pain due to hemorrhoid.


Exercise plays a very important role in the health. Aerobic exercise e.g. brisk walking, of one day from 20-30 minutes is enough as a treatment of hemorrhoids.

Warm water

Use warm water for a bath by sitting 20 minutes in that water. It will help to relieve the pain, itching, irritation and soften the body veins.

Surgical procedure

All the hemorrhoids can’t be treated with the traditional methods either due to a long period or for the persistent suffering.  To deal such type of hemorrhoids which are persistent, use the clinical treatments.


The most commonly used to reduce the pain is to band hemorrhoid with a rubber band, and that will surround the tissues. To some extent, it will help to reduce the pain


If someone has large protruding hemorrhoids, then surgery is the final method to tackle it. The process of surgery is known as hemorrhoidectomy, and that is done for both internal and external hemorrhoids.


There is another process that is the alternative of the hemorrhoidectomy i.e. Staples hemorrhoid op exy. In this process, surgeons use the stapling device to get back the hemorrhoids to the original position.


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