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Important things to know about 8 week old baby


baby-8-week-oldIt’s been two months since your baby arrived. It is the time when you will start noticing some changes in the baby’s face and behaviors. The child starts to develop quickly after spending two months in this world. Before this time, you and your child may not have a proper schedule. After eight months you begin having a routine such as a bath time, morning cuddles, etc. The parenting style also changes as the baby gets old. Keep reading this article if you want to know the changes you will see in the 8 week old baby.

8 week old baby feeding schedule

When the baby is born, he needs feeding almost all the time. As a mother whenever you get a chance feed the newly born. What about the baby who is eight weeks old? What about his feeding schedule? When a baby is two months old, you should feed him at least six times in a day. Many women ask a question, is their baby properly fed? How can they tell if the baby is not hungry anymore? The answer is quite simple. If your child wets a least five times, it means that the babies are getting enough. It is better to breastfeed the baby, but if you do not produce milk then ask the pediatrician to tell what amount of milk the baby needs at this stage.

The breast milk is naturally balanced. When preparing the milk do not make the formula strong, as the baby won’t digest strong liquid. Also, when your child is eight weeks old, start feeding him cereal. It is the time when the child will learn how to eat and drink other things.

8 week old baby sleeping schedule

A newborn baby has no sleeping schedule at all. As soon as you feed the baby, he will fall asleep. But after eight weeks, the child starts to develop a proper schedule for sleeping. As a mother, it is important for you to learn that sleeping schedule because at this stage, the baby will fight for not sleeping. It is also a time when you should teach the baby how to fall asleep by himself. Do not put the baby in the crib when he is completely asleep. He will not learn how to sleep that way.

But if you put the baby when he is semi-asleep it can help him know how to sleep. But you must not push the baby to sleep by himself.
After the eight weeks, baby sense of hearing and vision are improved. So, now you can teach him how to listen to certain phrases or words. It is the best time to introduce the bay to the toys. By this time the vision improves and he will recognize different colors.

These are a few important things which you must know about your 8 week old baby. The baby of 8 weeks actually starts to notice the surroundings and show interest. The baby gets excited and that is the only reason, baby gives smile to siblings, grandparents, or sometimes strangers. However some babies starts to recognize when they are 12 weeks old. Make sure that you take proper care of your child. Teach him different things during the various stages of his early life.
If you experience worse pain or severe symptoms regarding the child care then do consult your doctor. Babies are the blessing of God so let your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends know about the proper care of the 8 weeks old baby.

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