Comprehensive MomyCenter privacy policy
A MomyCenter is a crucial part of human life it is important to respect the privacy of the consumers that place their trust in our hands as well. This is why as a unified and coherent company we respect our consumers’ privacy and personal well-being.

Purpose of our privacy policy

The purpose of formulating an effective privacy policy is to ensure that there is no hassle in the efficient working of the company as a single unit. We are a team of professionals that aim to provide high quality MomyCenter services to the people. For services such as health care it is important to gather some personal information of the patients to keep a health record that can be retrieved at any given point of time. However when personal data and information is gathered, it becomes vital for the company to protect the personal information of the consumers. The privacy policy intends to secure the personal information of people so that they can avail all services without having to majorly worry about anything. In addition it is also important to formulate a privacy policy so that no false charges or claims can be made upon our company in the long run.

Through our privacy policy you choose!

In contrast to other health care companies that are operating, our company has the privilege of being able to not only protect our customers but also allow them to make their own decisions. Through our privacy policy you can choose and make decisions of what information we are authorized to gather about you and to what extent can we push it. There are some basic things that are required by every company that you look to avail services from including name, postal address, contact number, gender, age etc. However there are other personal details such as identity card number, credit/debit card details, banking details and so on that one might need to submit to the company in the long run. The protection of all personal information is crucial in order to ensure that no data is misused or wrongly treated.

What our privacy policy includes?

  • There are many details that are included in the privacy policy. All details in relevance to the policy can be found on the official website of the MomyCenter company.
  • The services of the company cannot be availed by children under the age of 12 without parental supervision.
  • All information that is collected by the website from the customers is kept confidential under all circumstances.
  • Any change in the policy/web content or the information collected by the customers can be changed by the company’s officials without issuing a prior notice.
  • The company has full access to your browsing history and interests.
  • The content of the web cannot be replicated or copied in any way. In such a case the company has sole right for legal action against the ‘subject’.
  • Any breach from the policy can result in automated termination of services without prior notification to the consumers.