What does implantation feel like during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not less than a miracle. Pregnancy has many stages and during every stage, there is a new feeling for the mother. One of such stages is the implantation. It is also called implantation bleeding. It is a stage of pregnancy when fertilized egg travels via fallopian tube and attaches itself to the uterus. Sometimes bleeding occurs during this stage. It occurs after six to twelve weeks of fertilization. Many women ask if it is painful or not. It depends on the nature of the woman, and sometimes the pregnant women feel the pain; sometimes she doesn’t feel the cramps at all. There are a lot of signs of implantation. So, if you ask, what does implantation feel like? The best answer would be it feels like cramps.

What does implantation feel like in the start?

The doctors and medical experts all over the world understand the fact that, every woman has a different condition. In the initial stages of the implantation, the pregnant women might feel slight cramps. But there are cases in which women do not feel the pain or bleed in the early stages of implantation. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the nature of the women.

What does implantation feel like when having twins?

If you are having twins, then the implantation will feel a bit different. Most women will feel an increased cramp or back pain during the implantation. Some women also bleed during this stage if they are having twins. The blood during this stage of pregnancy is of light pink color. It is also one way to know if you are having twins or not. If the bleeding is excessive, it can mean two things, either you are having twins, or you are not having a baby at all. Excessive bleeding can also indicate that you have regular menstrual periods. No matter what the case, it is important that you visit the doctor and discuss the condition.

What does implantation feel like in the later stages?

During the later stages, the pregnant women might feel increased cramps and spotting at the point of implantation. There are also many women who feel mood swings during the implantation. There are also reports of women who feel a headache and fatigue during the implantation. During this stage of pregnancy, the body also produces HGC hormones. These are responsible for many other symptoms which you will experience in the coming days. These symptoms include increased urination, tender breasts, and morning sickness.

Now that you have read the above article, you will have a better understanding of what does it implantation feel like in different stages of pregnancy. Heavy implantation bleeding means you might have twins, or it is the usual periods. The most common feeling during the implantation is the cramps. 90 out of 100 women feel cramps during this stage. But these cramps and bleeding are not vital signs. Many women do not bleed or have cramps during this stage of pregnancy.

Recognizing the symptoms of implantation

  • Do keep in mind the timing of menstrual cycle.
  • Do look at the quantity and color of bleeding.
  • You will experience mild cramps.
  • Feeling nauseous
  • You will feel soreness in breasts
  • A change in bathroom habits
  • You will experience mood swings
  • Feeling dizziness
  • You will get tired too early or fatigued

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