What To Expect in Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester during pregnancy is really important for a mother because during this time she has to understand changes her body is going through. Most women are worried about what to expect in your first trimester and this is an imperative thing to consider. Body is going through amazing transformations. This is the time when the baby inside the body start nourishing and it is good to examine by a physical test to confirm pregnancy. Knowing the changes taking place in the first trimester will increase the confidence level to face the coming changes. Some of the changes that a person should expect at the very start are as follows.

Changes taking place in the body

Body during pregnancy faces a lot of changes and knowing them beforehand is helpful. Mostly physical changes happen and some women get scared of these changes when they are perfectly normal. Such as the most common change observed in the first trimester is swollen breast. After conception, some of the hormonal changes occur in the body that make the breasts saggy and tender. This soreness and discomfort go away after few weeks when the body gets used to these changes. Nausea is also a common symptom and this can happen with or even without vomiting. This normally happens because the hormonal level is rising during pregnancy. Another important thing to expect is an increased amount of urination.
Women urinate more often than the usual time when they are pregnant. Fatigue is a common this to expect because the body feels tired all the time. This fatigue can go away through exercise and a healthy diet in order to increase energy levels. Most women also experience the feeling of food aversion. Sensitivity to certain types of odours and hormonal changes is a common thing. Constipation happens during pregnancy because of the slow movement of food from the digestive system. In order to reduce this issue, more fibre rich food should be added to the diet. Having physical activity regularly can also be helpful here.

Prenatal care

Having a family doctor, physician or even a midwife can be helpful in pregnancy. The health provider takes care of health and reassures the best treatment during pregnancy. It is also his duty to educate parents about pregnancy so that they do not get confused about the process. The first thing to do is identify any kind of risk factor associated with pregnancy. The age of baby should will also be determined so that the delivery date can be confirmed. It is important to inform health provider about the health history so that he can identify what type of medication should be provided. Having private consultation can help because everything will be discussed in detail. After making the first visit, it is good to visit a healthcare professional after every four weeks to analyze the situation. If the couple has any fears or concerns regarding pregnancy, it is good to consult them with the doctor. Do not think that the questions are unimportant or silly; clearing out all the ambiguities is the best way of taking care of baby and mother both.

Emotional changes

It’s a common thing to experience during pregnancy. There is a lot of emotional stress in pregnancy even if you are thrilled about being pregnant. It is completely natural because most women are worried about the health of their baby. Especially for working women, the most significant threat is about the management of their home and office both. This is normal but women should take care of their health alongside. Family and loved ones play an important role in this regard by their constant encouragement and help. If the mood swings are intense and severe, then it is good to take support from a health care provider.


This is a common issue that is faced by most women during pregnancy. The valve between the oesophagus and stomach relaxes during pregnancy because of hormonal changes. This causes some of the stomach acid to leak in the area of the oesophagus. This is the main reason behind heartburn in pregnancy. Eating smartly is the best way of getting away from this problem. Avoiding foods such as citrus fruits, fry food, spicy meals and chocolates can greately reduce the symptoms.
These are some of the things that should be taken care of during the first trimester. They are helping to keep the health of baby safe. Women normally get confused about their emotional state at this time. However, if these things are known before, it can ease pregnancy stress in many ways. Contacting the doctor on regular basis is important to encounter any problem and take necessary actions at the right time. This is a really essential period of a couple’s life and taking right guidelines can help them a lot.

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