What does a faint line on pregnancy test mean?

Are you expecting a baby? If yes then like many other women you will perform a pregnancy test. No need to have the test in the hospital, you can carry out the test using the pregnancy strip at home. These pregnancy strips are reliable and provide accurate test results. There are many kinds of outcomes and results which you can see after performing the pregnancy test. Usually, the test is positive if the strip shows a line. In a few cases, there is a faint line on pregnancy test, instead of a broad dark line. When you get this kind of result on the test, you may wonder, what does it mean? Is the test result positive or negative? Here is a detailed answer.

How faint is the faint line on pregnancy test?

First, you need to know that yes, you are pregnant even if the line is faint. Everyone has a different idea about the level of faintness. Sometimes the line is so faint that it is not visible clearly unless you perform another test next week when you get a darker line.  So, the line can be faint enough not to be visible unless you see it very carefully.

Can faint line on pregnancy test mean – not pregnant?

The pregnancy test detects the hCG levels. hCG is called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone which the embryo produces. The body produces this hormone after implantation occurs. It is why the hCG levels are used to test the pregnancy. The amount of hCG depends on the time of pregnancy. If you perform a test after one week of implantation, the line might be faint. The line will be dark if you perform eh test after a month. So, if you get a very faint line on the pregnancy test, it means the pregnancy has just begun. In most cases, a faint line is a sign of a positive pregnancy test. But there are a few times when it is possible that a faint line can be no pregnancy. It only happens if you did not perform the test correctly. It may happen if the strips which you use are expired. It can also occur if you are taking some medication which can result in a false positive result.

Many women also ask if they should perform another test if they see a faint line. It is not a problem in performing a test again, but if you perform the test on the same day, the result will be the same. So, it is better to carry out another pregnancy test at least one week after the faint line appears.

The faint line is very common and happen to almost 50 to 60 percent women. They may happen due to the poor egg or because of the quality of sperm you have to wait for the next menstrual cycle to try again for the baby. However if you are still not satisfied then you can go for the laboratory test.

But, no matter what, a faint line on pregnancy test means a positive pregnancy. It means that you are in the early stages of pregnancy. You should take proper care so that the pregnancy can make it to the next stages. Many women do not take good care, and when they perform the test next time, there is not even a faint line on the result.

It is good to have knowledge especially during the first pregnancy.

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