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Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period!

Are there signs of pregnancy before missed period?

Missing your period is the most vital sign that you are pregnant. This is why missing your period gets you excited and anxious to know if you are actually pregnant or not. However, are you aware of the signs of pregnancy before missed period? Of course, these symptoms are not a perfect validation that you are pregnant, but, it is better to look for all of these symptoms before you decide to buy a stick pregnancy test.

Few signs of pregnancy before missed period:

Mentioned below are some of the symptoms that could indicate that you are pregnant. These signs may not always be related to pregnancy and can also be caused due to some other medical condition. These are just indicators of pregnancy. However, your pregnancy can only be confirmed when you actually miss your period and also when the kit test gives a positive result. Have a look at some of the signs of pregnancy before missed period:


Fatigue is one of the major signs of pregnancy before you miss your period. This is because the levels of progesterone start to spike in the early stages of pregnancy which makes you sleepy and tired all the time. Moreover, you might also experience a number of other changes that start to place in your body. This includes

increased production of blood so that the growth of our fetus can be supported by the body. This also exhausts the level of energy that you have, specifically when your body doesn’t get enough nutrients like iron, minerals, vitamins and fluids. In order to help fight fatigue, you need to get a good amount of sleep. For this reason, you need to avoid products that have caffeine in it. Moreover, you should also take vitamin tablets on a daily basis.

Nausea and morning sickness:

One of the classic signs of pregnancy is morning sickness, which is more commonly known as nausea. This can easily be noticed in the early stages of the pregnancy. this starts to appear in the initial weeks of your missed period even before you have confirmed your pregnancy. you will mostly feel weak, dizzy and will want to vomit at a lot of times. You might feel nausea coming up at any time of the day. However, the morning sickness would be the worse. Three-quarters of the women go through the morning sickness however the severity of the sickness varies from mother to mother and from pregnancy to pregnancy. The condition of morning sickness might be worse if you are pregnant for the first time. However, it eventually goes away.

The hormone responsible for your nausea and morning sickness is the hormone HCG – human chorionic gonadotrophin. The levels of this hormone start to elevate in the early stages which are why you feel nauseous. In some of the women, morning sickness starts early, while in others, it doesn’t start until the second month.

Point to ponder

If you are pregnant and have faint line during the pregnancy test then most probably you will observe the signs and symptoms. You will get tires, get mood swings, craving for food, swelling or soreness in different body parts and feeling nausea.

However whatever signs or symptoms you are experiencing kindly mention every detail to your concerned doctor or you can discuss it 

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