What to Eat During First Trimester? [Big 5 Nutrients]

The diet of a person plays a great role in pregnancy. Especially during the first trimester, maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Knowing what to eat during first trimester can help your baby develop properly. Since your baby is only a fetus during your first trimester period, a lack of supply of essential nutrition to the uterus may cause complications in the next stageEvery pregnant woman should be familiar with the type of diet she should take and avoid during pregnancy.

It is important to remain up to date about the typical diet that will be good for the health of baby and mother both. There is some of the nutrition that should be loaded into the body so that the person will have all the essential nutrients.  Here are the things that must be done during pregnancy to ensure the health and wellness of both mother and child.

Big 5 nutrients

These are few food items that are important to take especially in first six weeks that is also known as the first trimester. Folate is most important of them. Its a form of folic acid and also known as Vitamin B9 vitamin that can reduce down the risk of defects in the neural tube. It is present in citrus fruits, beans, juices, but you can also get folic acid supplements. Folic acid is easily available and can help fulfill body needs during pregnancy.

Then there is calcium that is really important for the development of baby and mother. This can be taken from dairy items that are of low fat, orange juice, and dark green vegetables. Especially this is helpful in second and third trimester because at that time bones and teeth are developing.

Iron is another excellent example of an essential nutrient that is not easily found in the diet so it should be taken in the form of supplements. Also, iron is more easily absorbed if you combine it with Vitamin C rich foods.

The requirement of zinc in the body is increased to 15 milligrams in a day during pregnancy. The best type of mineral can be obtained from seafood and meat however whole grain, legumes and nuts can also be used to have a high amount of zinc intake in the body during pregnancy.

Fiber is the last element of these big 5 nutrients. It is easily found in vegetables, whole grain, and fruits. This help in reducing constipation commonly during pregnancy.

Have a rainbow food

This may sound funny but having a rainbow food means containing all the varieties of food. This mixture will be helpful in having new tastes every day and different type of nutrients. Saltines and bananas are the best things to take during the first trimester. After this time is passed without any problem, then there should be a variety of food to take during pregnancy. The food items that are rich in antioxidants keep the body in right functioning order. Such foods include spinach, blueberries, and carrots etc. all these types of nutrients keep the body in good shape and the baby remain in good health because of getting multi-nutrients from all sources.

Using organic products

Organic products ensure that there are no pesticides in food. Having organic food in pregnancy helps a lot in keeping the body away from harmful chemicals attached to processed food. The immune system of a developing body is really sensitive as compared to an adult. So, having exposure to chemicals and pesticides at that time can prove harmful. Certain birth defects are caused by premature births because of the pesticides mixed in the water supply. Some of the imported fruits and vegetables even contain pesticides that are prohibited to use according to health care rules so special care is needed in pregnancy.

Choosing double duty foods

There are some of the food items that contain all nutrients and are helpful for the body in many ways. These food items include chicken, peanut butter, eggs, dairy items, and yogurt. These things have a high level of protein in them that can help in keeping the body strong and develop with right pace. In beef, there are iron, zinc and B vitamins that help in absorbing more iron from food. These items include spinach and black beans. Magnesium and fiber are good nutrients for pregnancy.

These are some of the things that must be done during the first trimester of pregnancy. Especially the intake of omega 3 nutrients is important. This is helpful in improving the memory and vision in early childhood. Taking these items will reduce the risks and promote a healthy lifestyle for a child. These elements can hydrate the body and clear out all the harmful items. Particularly the use of organic food is encouraged to be used in pregnancy because it is made from all natural items. These natural products are best to be sued for small children because they contain no harm and high level of nutrients.

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