Why Is My Period Late? Find Out The Actual Reasons

Do you experience delayed periods more often? Have you recently noticed that your periods did not start the date you had marked in your calendar? If so, then keep reading.There are millions of women in the world who are facing the same problem as you are and many beg the question, “Why is my period late?” The reasons may be from hormonal inequity to some severe medical condition. In a women’s life, there are two times when it’s considered normal to have a disturbed routine of periods. The first time is the early days when periods start and the second thing is when menopause begins. The reason is that from the starting days, when the periods begin, it takes time for your hormones to adjust and it may take as long as 2 years for set a proper monthly routine. So don’t get worried for the behind schedule periods.

By and large, every woman has their normal routine of periods after every 28 days.  On the other hand, a healthy routine may include the range from 21 to 35 days. If your routine doesn’t fall in the ranges defined above, you must consider the answer to the question of why is my period late.

Some of the reasons are defined below:

  • Nervous disorder:

The answer to the question why is my period late may be the nervous disorder or stress. It can disturb your hormones; even affect your brain which can be the reason of the late periods. Stress can also cause sudden changes in the weight and thus result in disturbing your cycle.

If you think that you are facing nervous disorder and disturbed routine of periods which doesn’t fall in the normal category, try to avoid the things that meant stress to you and try relaxation techniques.

  • Less body weight than the required one according to the age:

Low body weight according to the age is the major reason of the belated periods. You should get to know about the normal weight for your age and must have a healthy and balanced diet accordingly.

  • Stoutness:

As the less body weight according to the age causes periods to be late, getting overweighed may also be the reason of late periods. You people must have a balanced diet and exercise plans to overcome this reason of late periods.

  • Birth Control:

The women may perhaps have a change in the routine of periods when she goes on or off confinement control. The pills which women usually use for the control of birth may also be the answer to the question why is my period late. It may harm you as well and it takes months to have the consistent cycle of periods again every month only after when you stop eating them.

  • Any persistent disease:

Unremitting ailments such as diabetes and celiac disease may be the reason of late periods. The hormonal changes and the changes in the blood sugar are strongly linked to each other. It may prevent your body to soak up the necessary nutrients and thus providing the answer to most of the women why is my period late.

  • Menopause in the early age:

A large amount woman commences menopause from ages of 45 to 55. Women who widen symptoms around age around 40 are well thought-out to have menopause in early hours. This may result in the missed periods.

Do remember that if you have been exercising heavily, or you have a change in your diet then there is possibility that your date or period will gets due to the next week. However stress and other activities also becomes the reason of late period. So it is totally normal.

You should not be worried about the late period because missing period for a month or a week is totally normal because you may have experienced some physical or hormonal changes in your body.

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