Can one take Tylenol during pregnancy

Tylenol (acetaminophen) is it safe for health?

Sporadic use of Tylenol, it is also known as paracetamol and generic. Tylenol is safer in the situations flu, cold, sinus and fever. That medication is recently classified as to reduce pain for pregnant women. But it’s always better to take the advice of your own doctor before taking any type of medicine.

Quantity of Tylenol, can you take Tylenol while pregnant

The quantity of Tylenol that a person can use once in the every four hours is regular strength 325mg. But another quantity of Tylenol i.e. extra strength Tylenol 650mg is considered to use safely in the every four hours.

It should be kept in mind overdosage effect the health of the expected mother and  her infant and dosage amount should not exceed  4000mg during a whole day time because over dosage of Tylenol effect the fetal and maternal liver damage . So, potential risks are attached to the type of medicines.

Risks of taking Tylenol

Research about the potential adverse effects and possible complications of Tylenol on the baby is under process. Overdosing and regular usage of Tylenol is considered to be hazardous because of an overdose of Tylenol can increase the chance of liver failure in the baby and as well as the mother. And here are the following risks attached by taking the overdose of Tylenol;

Tylenol increases the chances of ADHD in the baby

Research work on the effect of Tylenol increases the chances of ADHD in the baby is in progress but many studies show that Tylenol may affect the brain development of fetal due to the acquaintance to abnormal hormones in the uterus.

Risk of having Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Use of Tylenol can increase the risks of the Autism/ Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Increase chances of Asthma in early life

Research has been conducted in a specific country that results in shows use of Tylenol in the pregnancy increases the chance of children who has asthma during in his early life.

Reduce the amount of testosterone in the newborn

Expected mothers who take Tylenol during their pregnancy that reduce the amount of testosterone in the newborn son.  Tylenol does not show its effect after one-day consumption but after one week, its start to show his side effects.  If the amount of testosterone will be reduced, then the risk of testicular cancer, undescended testicles and infertility will increase in a newborn baby.


Due to the severe and drastic effects of taking Tylenol increase the risk of autism, asthma, ADHD and reduce testosterone etc. it is recommended by the analysis that pregnant mothers should avoid such type of medicines because it not only effect such mothers but also affects their newborn babiesSome researchers showed that long-term usage of that drug effect the mind and body of a newborn, so for the long term it is not recommended. Well, it’s better to consult with the doctor instead of taking such dosage by own to can you take Tylenol while pregnant.


Instead of taking medications you must follow some home remedies or relaxation techniques to soothe the pain or get the instant relief.  Physical activity is must during the pregnancy so manage your stress or anxiety by adopting yoga, stretching, a little brisk walk or light workout. Get enough sleep and have healthy diet.

Make sure to not use the Tylenol without the concern of doctor because it can have adverse effects on the baby as well as on the expected mother.

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