How to ease Cramping after periods?

Almost 50 percent of women experience cramps during the menstrual cycle, and 15 percent of them suffer from abdominal pain. Cramping before and after the period is normal but find ways that what causes them and how to ease them with natural ways? Many women often feel pains even after 2 weeks when the menstrual cycle is stopped. However, they are not without any reason but occur actually because of some reason. Following are the reasons of cramping after period

Cramping after period of 2 weeks

If any women feel cramping after a period, then there is very rare chance that you are pregnant. Immediately after a period, any women cannot ovulate in standard conditions which means that her body is not ready to get pregnant. The process of implantation after periods cannot occur because the fertilized egg cannot make its way to the uterus. So if you are experiencing cramps, then your body is readjusting after the menstrual cycle.

 Reasons of Cramping after period

There are following reasons that you are experiencing cramps and spotting.

  • Imbalance of hormones

There are often circumstances when hormones in the woman body get out of balance and the body respond at a rapid speed. Cramping is the cause of irregular periods and imbalance hormones.

  • Disease

Some women may suffer from various health issues such as thyroid and cancer which respond to the body in a dramatic way. This can also cause abdominal pain and severe cramps after the period.

  • Birth control

Women who take birth control pills often will also notice bleeding and spotting even after a period. This is also because of the hormonal changes caused by the body because of birth control pills.

Ways to ease cramping after period

Following are the techniques which can reduce cramps before and after the period.

  • Exercise

Exercise is the optimal method to get rid of cramps. It is not advised to perform heavy tasks, but a brisk walk and stretching can help to get fast relief. Exercise increases the circulation of blood in the body and will help you to get rid of the pain. If you will stress and spend the time immobilized then surely the cramps will get worse. So never leave exercise and adopt it in your routine to completely get rid of cramping after periods.

  • Proper and healthy food

According to the medical professional health care, it is advised to stay hydrated. Make sure to never drink cold or chilled water but warm water helps to relief the pain by regulating the flow of blood to the muscles as well as to the skin.

Green tea made up of cinnamon and ginger is the perfect aid for the digestive system and soothes the pain.

If you also experience mood swings then sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas will boost the moods and regulate the movement of bowels.

  • Heat

You can try a hot bath or you can use a heating pad. Do to bed, lie down and relax. Put the heating pad right over the lower abdomen. It helps to soothe the pain. The hot water bottles are easily available. However you can also use an old sock and fill it with white rice. Tie the sock from the top and put it in the microwave for two minutes.

  • Clothes

Avoid to wear tight clothes especially from the waist. Tight clothes will cause discomfort and compressing will hurt your stomach. Wear loose and comfortable clothes to soothe the pain of cramping after periods.

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