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True Facts About The best foods to eat while pregnant first trimester

Pregnancy is a great time and everyone want to be healthy. A lot of new things are tried at this time and people focus more and taking food that is full of nutrients. In the struggle of doing so, sometimes they forget about the things that they should not be doing. The main focus is on best foods to eat while pregnant first trimester however the things that should be avoided are forgotten altogether. This is marked as an essential need to identify the items that should not be taken and things that should not be done during the period of pregnancy. Here are some the “don’ts” about pregnancy for better health of both mother and child.

Do not eat for two people

Most women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. This is because they eat a lot of food thinking that as there is another being inside them, they need to have an extra amount of food to fulfill the nutrition requirement. However, this is not true. It is proven through research that a large proportion of women gain excessive weight during pregnancy. Also, the risk of the baby being obese in later life increases if women gain extra weight during pregnancy. Women should keep in account their body mass index during pregnancy. The number of calories needed by the body increase with the second and third trimester, but it with the certain proportion that should be considered. It is also good to eat until satisfaction level and then leave it be. The person concerned with diet can also take advice from a registered dietitian in pregnancy.

Take care of food safety

The protection of body and baby from harmful bacteria during pregnancy is important to keep safe for the long term. It is not good to take uncooked or raw eggs, seafood, meat and leftover from the food. The temperature of the refrigerator should be maintained at less than 40 degrees so that bacteria do not grow in food. In case of purchasing cheese, make sure to see that they are formed from pasteurized milk. If it is not prepared with pasteurized milk, this can harbor Listeria that ultimately results in premature delivery. It is good to avoid foods that do not have any labels.

Don’t take a large number of refined carbs

The food items like sodas, rice, sweets, and bread increase blood sugar level and they should be avoided. It is not good to take carbohydrates during pregnancy in an excess amount. This can increase the risk of overweight. If the body weight is maintained during pregnancy, this means that the baby will not be fat at the time of birth and the further chances of obesity in life also decrease for the child. It is good to limit the amount of white or refined grains and take unrefined and completely natural grains. These grains include quinoa, oatmeal, whole wheat and brown rice.

Don’t forget to hydrate the body

Water is a most important component of the body. Not only during pregnancy but taking excess water in routine is also good for health. Especially in the period of pregnancy, a lot of water is absorbed in blood vessels to the tissue and water is wasted away. So, drinking more water during pregnancy is helpful in keeping the body hydrated. This is also important to reduce the chance of preterm labor. When there is less water in the body, the hormone is activated that stimulate the process of contractions. Having enough amount of water in the body also reduce the risk of dizziness, kidney stone, and headache in pregnancy. When the urine coming from the body is of light yellow color or transparent, this means that body is well hydrated.

Do not keep the stomach empty for a long time

Constantly taking in food keep the blood sugar level of the body on a particular level. The person does not crash in pregnancy if body takes food after every few hours. it is true that taking a large amount of food is not good during pregnancy so small portions of food should be divided. This will reduce the heartburn and many painful problems associated with pregnancy will be minimized. The stomach will not squeeze over time and this will make a healthy body with overall fitness.

These are the guidelines that should be followed during pregnancy to have better results. These things ensure the overall fitness of body and mind, the child will be healthy and the essential nutrients will be provided to the body during pregnancy. The energy, as well as fitness of body, is affected during pregnancy because the body is going through a lot of changes, however, special care can ensure that the body will remain in best shape even after pregnancy.

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