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Guide To When Do You Start Showing Up Pregnant

Every woman is different and responses differently to their pregnancy. There is no hard and fast rule about when do you start showing up once you are pregnant. If it is your first pregnancy, then you will start to show up anytime between 12 and 16th week. But, if you have been pregnant before, then you will start to show up sooner because your body is already stretched due to your previous pregnancy.

In early days of your pregnancy, which is usually referred as the first trimester, the uterus is pear shaped. Up to a 12th week, the uterus becomes rounded until it is exactly about the size of a grapefruit. This is the time when your baby bump will begin to show. When you reach the 16th week of your pregnancy, your uterus will stretch to fit in with the growth of your baby. If your bump has been prominent till now, this is the time when it will begin to show.

Factors related to when do you start showing up

There are few factors which are linked to the visibility of your baby bump. Such as:

  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Your body type
  • Time of conception
  • Baby’s position in uterus

All these factors collectively are responsible for the baby bump to show up. Women who have been pregnant once or twice tend to show sooner than the first time mothers to be.

When do you start showing – abnormality

If you are beginning to show sooner than the usual or expected time then there is some abnormality with your pregnancy. Possible reasons can be:

  • Water retention
  • Bloating from the wind
  • Constipation
  • Your body laying down fat for your baby

Remember, if your pregnancy is abnormal it does not mean that the baby born out of the pregnancy is going to be abnormal. It is just the abnormal position of the baby.

If you are late in showing a baby bump, try not to worry about it, it is not good for a pregnant woman to worry or get upset. Late visibility of baby bump is usually because of a retroverted uterus. This means that your uterus is tilted more towards the back of your body rather than the front of your body. Doctors have reported that 15% of pregnant women have retroverted uterus, which is why they start to show up later than usual. This position of the uterus does not actually affect the growth of your baby. The tilt gets to its place when the expanding uterus moves out of the pelvis to the abdomen.

Things to take care about

There are a few precautions that are important to take in the first trimester, especially for the women who are carrying their first baby. These precautions help to lead a safe pregnancy with the least amount of risks.

  • Do not use a lot of stairs
  • Sit comfortable
  • Take your rest
  • Eat properly
  • Do not carry any weight

These precautions ensure a safe pregnancy and no mother wants to risk the biggest happiness of her life. You might have notice the signs of pregnancy such as soreness in breasts, the skin starts to dry, morning sickness and many related symptoms. The signs of pregnancy starts to show up during the first trimester. The first time mothers show early signs if they are pregnant.

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