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The Vaginal Discharge before Period or Menstruation

Apart from knowing all kinds of other things related to themselves, what women must also learn about is the important details regarding their bodies. One of such things that have often worried the unaware women is the vaginal discharge before period, that is the fluid that comes out of the vagina before they are about to start on their monthly period.

Discharge before Period: In Various Forms and Colors:

The mucus that is secreted by the walls of the vagina or the cervix, which is also known as the neck of the womb, can take different forms and colors, depending upon the condition or state the women are in. If healthy, this discharge will be white, non-itchy and odorless which is produced by the glands in the vagina and cervix. It is created to keep the vagina free of infection. This fluid largely consists of the dead cells in the reproductive tract which are necessary to be removed in order to keep bacteria away from the tract and healthy.

Normal and abnormal vaginal discharge before period:

The discharge taking place at times before the menstruation has started is mostly clear or cloudy white and when dried up on a cloth, just a pale yellow. But the signs that are told regarding this normal discharge before period turning into an abnormal one include the discharge of some dark yellow or brownish fluid accompanied with itchiness, rash or discomfort in the vagina. The amount of the fluid discharged is also increased manifolds. During urination, you will feel the skin burning and the odor of the discharge would be very foul. If these symptoms are being fulfilled then this indicates that the woman has some kind of vaginal infection.

If you ever feel all of the above-mentioned symptoms disturbing you and that your normal vaginal discharge has turned into an abnormal and unhealthy one then do not delay in going to get it checked from your doctor so that it may be treated before anything more serious happens. In order to confirm for yourself before going to a gynecologist that your secretion is not merely for pathological reasons, rather is an indication of some serious infection in the vagina, you need to be sure that you are experiencing some severe pain, itching, burning sensation and intense, foul smell. If yes, then you are either having some fungal infection or suffering from some STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease.

Measures to Prevent Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:

With some care, you can avoid having such abnormal vaginal discharge which is not a part of your normal monthly period. The tips to be followed are: avoid using petroleum jellies or feminine hygiene products like scented soaps, body washes, perfumes and lotions on the skin of your vagina. Try keeping it dry, therefore, wear cotton underwear and do not wear tightly fitted bath suits. Also do not scratch the skin of your vagina and wipe it from front to back in order to prevent bacterial from increasing the infection.

So white discharge is totally normal you do not have to panic while seeing the creamy or white discharge until unless it is odorless. If you notice a change in the vaginal secretion such as it creates a foul smell or clumpy in structure then consult your doctor immediately for treatment.
Excessive watery discharge is not good for health. If you experience the abnormal discharge then do consult your doctor or ask your female friends on group by sharing the article on Facebook, or get to know more about the reasons on Instagram or tweet to share the informative article on Twitter.

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