What does spotting look like? Find the causes

Are you experiencing spotting? Many women are familiar with spotting before and after pregnancy as well as after periods. Those women who have experienced spotting for the first time, the situation can be a bit stressing and many questions, rise in mind such as what does spotting look like?  It is spotting, or you are suffering from something serious? Following are the causes why are you experiencing spotting and the reason, as well as types of spotting, will also be defined.

What does spotting look like? Pink and dark blood color

If you notice the brown, dark or pink color of blood on your underwear, then it is a reasonable condition. If you spot the red color, then it is a clear sign of menstruation or any complication of pregnancy. However do consult your doctor if you see spotting for more than a day.

What does spotting look like?

  • Typically light

Do remember that spotting is light in color. There may be few spots or just a small amount of blood. Some women experience very light spotting; even a panty is not required. Spotting before periods is entirely reasonable because it progresses into the normal flow of bleeding.

  • On and off spotting

In the early days of pregnancy, a woman often finds spotting on and off on their panties however if it lasts for more than one day then do consult your health professional.

Go for the pregnancy test; then you should discuss the matter with your doctor. The color of spotting in light brown or red is perfectly normal, but if it is dark in color, then you are pregnant.

  • Sign of implantation

Women who are pregnant for the first time may wonder that what does spotting look like. They will experience spotting because when the egg is fertilized and get attached to the uterine wall, spotting may occur. The flow will be very low and light, and the blood will be dark in color.

If you have done an unprotected sex, then it is a sign of pregnancy.

  • Spotting between mid-cycle or ovulation

Spotting may also happen during the mid of the menstrual cycle or even during ovulation. The bleeding will be dark brown and lasts for at least 2 or 3 days. It mostly happens when women take birth control pills. The spotting is not a serious issue because woman experience it time to time.

Conditions not related to pregnancy

Following are the conditions in which you will experience spotting, but you are not pregnant

  • Hormonal disruptions
  • In taking irregular medicaments
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Erosions or cervical
  • Diseases transmitted sexually

Bleeding caused in case of sexually transmitted infections contains impurities such as it will be sticky, greenish color or have an unpleasant smell while regarding hormonal disruptions, brown color of spotting will be observed.

The proper medical tests do not diagnose the real reasons of spotting and the variations in spotting that what does spotting look like? The dysfunctional uterine bleeding and the menopause at the young age is probably the main reason. However, in any case, if you experience bleeding out of schedule then consult your doctor. If the duration and intensity of spotting increase more than 7 days, then it indicates a dangerous sign of disruption in the organism.

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