White discharge before period: types of white discharge

Women often experience various kinds of occurrences which happen in their body especially before the menstruation cycle. The thick white discharge before period is entirely normal, and the discharge has different color and odor. Every woman must know the condition and the appearance of discharge. For some woman, the occurrence of white liquid from the vagina is totally normal, and the consistency, as well as the color, keeps on changing during the cycle. The liquid helps to maintain the vagina free from infection or harmful bacteria. It keeps the area healthy and non-itchy. Find the types and reasons of discharge before period.

Milky White discharge before period

The white discharge is normal and indicates many things. During the process of ovulation, you may experience the milky white discharge which will be sticky and thick. The creamy white liquid may show a sign of pregnancy, but woman mistakenly notices it as leucorrhea. It is sometimes odorless or has a mild smell.

Thick white discharge before period

The thick discharge can be very concerning, and the consistency gets thick with the passage of time. The vaginal secretion may occur in different stages of the period. Sometimes it also indicates the sign of pregnancy and may create more discharge to keep the vagina healthy. The moist liquid is discharged in larger quantity. If the liquid is clear, white and odorless, it is normal and healthy.

This type of discharge is normal at the end and beginning of the menstrual cycle. Vagina produces mucous before ovulation, and it will be more elastic and watery. You do not have to worry because itching or any pain will not accompany the vaginal secretion.

No odor of White discharges before period

The discharge is completely odorless and normal. If your period is late, then do take the pregnancy test because the vaginal secretion is a must at the end and before of cycle as well as during the process of ovulation.

The color may change from white to creamy shade. If the discharge has a mild smell, then do consult your doctor and confirm the pregnancy.

Clumpy white liquid

If you are experiencing the white, odorless liquid, with the texture similar to cottage cheese than you have an infection. If the clumps are green or yellow, then you have a yeast infection. It carries a foul smell which can be treated with medications.

Excessive discharge

If you are experiencing excessive discharge, then you may suffer from cramping or pain. The excessive white discharge before a period may make you feel uncomfortable and develop itchiness. Do remember to keep the cervix clean, healthy and moist. Make sure that you may not suffer from any infection because If the discharge will be clumpy and have a foul or mild odor. In this severe condition, you need to consult the doctor and require a proper medication treatment.

In this situation do wear the cotton underwear to avoid sweating as well as the formation of bacteria.

White discharge is totally normal before period. It is an indication of your period. You may also experience white discharge after period for some days. However if you experience excessive discharge then consult your doctor and have proper treatment. The situation is referred as Leucorrhea.

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