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Stop Worrying About Shapeless Boobs After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding creates a special magical bond between mother and the baby. One of the saddest things observed in pregnant women is that they intend to bottle feed their kid as they have been warned about the shapelessness of their breasts. Due to the fear of having saggy and droopy breasts, women are less likely to breastfeed their infant. Every woman knows the importance of breastfeeding but somehow refrains from doing so, to avoid shapeless boobs after breastfeeding.

Experts agree that breast milk is ideal for a healthier growth of an infant, but during pregnancy due to the development of certain hormones, the shape and size of breasts can change which is disturbing for women. There are other factors than breastfeeding which can change the appearance of your breasts. They are:

  • Body mass index (percentage of body fat)
  • Number of pregnancies you have already had
  • Large pre-pregnancy breast size
  • Smoking history
  • Age

Each breast is different, which means that both can be of different shapes and size after your breastfeed. This is because of different hormonal levels, which is nothing to worry about as every pregnant woman goes through it. Breastfeeding is your kid’s birth right. A mother does everything to protect her child, so why not this?

Following are a few advantages of breastfeeding, which will definite change the minds of women who are worried about the shape of their boobs after breastfeeding.

Long-term protection

Breastfeeding strengthens the immune system of the baby which reduces the risks of developing chronic diseases. As a result of a survey, it was concluded that baby’s who were on breastfeed in earlier years tend to fall sick much less as compared to kids who weren’t.

Fat burn

You will be surprised to know that breastfeeding burns extra calories, and helps you lose all the pregnancy weight. It works much faster than any other exercise. Also, it helps your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy structure.

Mother’s health

The way breastfeeding is advantageous for the infant, same is for the mother. It reduces the risks of ovarian and breast cancer.

Effective vaccines

Breastfed babies respond better to the vaccines than babies who feed on bottle milk. This is because the antibodies get stronger with the nutrients of breast milk.

Menstrual cycle

Mothers who breastfeed their infants are more likely to get back to the normal menstrual cycle after 6-8 months of delivery. Other, do not get the regular cycle even after a year of delivery.

Despite knowing the above-mentioned advantages of breastfeeding, there are still 43% of mothers who do not breastfeed their kid. They are more concerned about their physical appearance of their boobs after breastfeeding than their kid’s health. There is a need to aware women of these benefits and also that they can manage their breast shapes later with exercise or cosmetic surgery. Still if you have any confusion, you can visit a lactation consultant, and get guidance about the right way to breastfeed your kid.

Prevent breast sagging

There are many ways and exercises which you have to follow to prevent breast sagging. You must wear good supported bra around your breasts to prevent them from sagging. There are chances that if you have gain weight then most probably your breast will lose their shape. So exercise regularly.

According to the professional health care, breastfeeding is very important for the new born baby. It contains all the essential and basic nutrients which helps a child to grow healthy and strong.

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