You are currently viewing Is it true that, can you be pregnant and still have a period?

Is it true that, can you be pregnant and still have a period?

Can you be pregnant and still have a period? Having a period during pregnancy is very rare. The reason behind it is the formation of the pregnancy hormones in the uterus that stops the formation of the tissues that cause the periods in the ladies. It is the situation that misleads during early pregnancy. It is not common in all the women.

How Can you be pregnant and still have a period

Having bleeding during pregnancy can be that cause of complications and due to the miscarriage. These circumstances, are the most of the ladies face it. It is a lamentable circumstance of the women who need to consider and the negative result gets them pushed. Try not to be frenzy in the event that you are confronting these conditions. The ladies who are staying away from the pregnancy the negative result is uplifting news for them. These are sure explanations for it the principle center ought to be that why your periods have not begun yet, or why do you have the false results. If you are feeling the other symptoms of the abortion so consult to the doctor immediately.

Can you be pregnant and still have a period? Reasons

It is the situation that compels ladies to consult with their doctors related to their pregnancy will lead to the situation that may be it leads to the abortion. It is a common condition of the women these days, but you should be well aware of the facts that are behind the periods during pregnancy. The period means the delay in ovulation cycle other than the menstrual cycle. The changes in your moods, emotionally or physically are the causes to disturb the cycle.

  1. If you have started or stopped the drugs for birth control, it can influence your menstrual cycle.
  2. Stress is behind the most of the disorders and it is definitely the reason of your delayed periods.
  3. Anxiety is the sister of the stress.
  4. Increased and the heavy routine activities.
  5. The hormonal imbalance or disturbance.
  6. Weakness, the overweight or the obesity.
  7. Doing exercise and lack of rest during pregnancy
  8. Irregular and lack of sleep.

A solid Sign of Pregnancy

Sometimes women are eager to know about their pregnancy or they forget their last date of periods. On the other hand checking pregnancy is the process to detect the HCG hormones from the sample of the blood and the urine of the lady. It is the hormone that is produced by the fragmented cells and the placenta of the fetus. It is very important to raise the enough level of the hormone in the blood or in the urine otherwise it cannot be detected. The urine of the first morning is the best for this purpose. Now the question is Can you be pregnant and still have a period? It is not a very common situation and if you face it, then you must have to consult your doctor as early as possible.

Point to ponder

You need to remember that you simply cannot have menstrual perio during pregnancy but vaginal bleeding is normal during pregnancy. some woman reports t hat they experience bleeding similar to periods but they are not actually the menstruction. If you experience bleeding which lasts more than 2 days then consult your doctor.

Periods during pregnancy indicates many signs. However if you are experiencing a lot of bleeding then you should consult your gynaecologist 

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