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How many months is 24 weeks? Get to know about pregnancy

In the 24 weeks of pregnancy, you will experience many changes to your body. The baby weight will increase during the 6 months of pregnancy, and you will feel an increase in your weight as well. It is true that you will be dreaming about the baby and wonder various names. You will get the answer that how many months is 24 weeks? So following are the changes which you will experience.

How many months is 24 weeks? Your baby condition

The good news is that the baby of 6 months is almost a foot long and weigh about 600 grams. The weight will be increasing every week from onwards and take good care because there will be a chance of premature birth. Your baby is growing with some minor and small changes in the body day by day. The lungs of your child will develop and he/he can breathe the air with fluid. The major organs like ears will develop and the baby can hear sounds like voice and heartbeat.

The face of your baby will be formed with eyebrows, eyelashes as well as hair. Due to the lack of pigment, the hair remains white, but the color will change with time.

How many months is 24 weeks? Your condition

If it is your first pregnancy, then you will be worried about your growing bump. You will feel your feet little bit unsteady so take care of yourself very well especially while getting up and sitting own on a chair or out from bed. In this condition, you should avoid standing up in a rush. Women often experience some dental problems just like sensitivity in teeth or bleeding gums.

If you are curious about the appearance, then it is advised to consult a dentist or physician so that you can withstand the pregnancy well.

Your mood

There is no doubt that you will be day dreaming about the baby. You will be choosing the names and imagining him/her as a part of you, your family and life. If you feel upset about weight then think about the baby and avoid looking at the scale. Try to eat healthy to avoid the mood swings. The more you think about yourself the more conscious you get. Think about baby.

What do you need to think?

Shopping for the baby will be very exciting, and maybe the excitement comes in the way especially while buying clothes in case of the first baby. It is advised to plan everything before taking any step. You should set aside the essentials of baby and the things you afford. Do remember that the upcoming weeks will prove very awful for you. The baby will continuously grow in the womb and may put you in pressure, so you need to be very careful in the upcoming days.

Common symptoms you will experience

How many months is 24 weeks you will get to know because following are the symptoms which you may experience and may vary from woman to woman.

  • The hormonal changes may lead to constipation
  • Constant thinking may lead to migraine problems
  • Due to the constantly increased weight, you may experience backache problems
  • Cramping is the common problem which you will experience
  • Swollen ankles and feet will let you feel difficulty while walking
  • The hormones in pregnancy will keep on changing, and some women may often experience blurry visions because of less tear production

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